Update to “Everything” page

I’ve not been doing any research for a while, but since this blog has been getting a decent amount of traffic recently, I posted 2 updates to the Everything page:

  1. I corrected a link to the Lyon memorial in section III.1 – revolutionary war service.
  2. I added my France to Holland to America theory on origins:

    5. Theory on Origins #5 – Henry’s family was of French origin, but as Huguenots, fled through Holland and eventually to America.
    This is the theory that The Lyons family were Huegenots and fled to France, where they then became known as Leeuwe, Leeuwen, or Van Leeuwen (Lion, Lions, or “from/of Lions” in Dutch) and then at some point emigrated to America. New York was originally a dutch colony, and there are a lot of Leeuwe, Leeuwe, and Van Leeuwens to be found there and in places their names are also listed as Lyon or Lyons. This family would have been in the New York City Area before my Henry, and Henry could have moved out to Goshen from NYC. This is my current favored theory, but I cannot make any solid connection between Henry and the Van Leeuwens.


Orange County Lyons

Welp… still finding no decent leads. next step is to find every Lyon/Lyons/Leeuw in Orange County around Henry’s time, hunt them down, and figure out who they are. If Henry didn’t get to where he was entirely by himself, then one of them might turn up some info.

Catherine Lyons, 1786, Walpeck Church Records
(married to Elias Decker & baptized Elisha in 1786)

Henry Lane, 1776
2nd regt, orange county militia in the revolutionary war

Samuel Lyons, 1776
2nd regt, orange county militia in the revolutionary war

James Lyans, 1776
4th regt, orange county militia in the revolutionary war

Hendery Leves, 1776
4th regt, orange county militia in the revolutionary war
now this Hendery guy is of serious interest – may possibly be my Henry. there was always speculation that my Henry was injured in the war, and came home and died circa 1780, but no proof of that. IF this guy is my Henry, that would give a plausible explanation to his death, as well as possibly make the connection to the Leeuwe families. In colonial days, v’s and u’s were often interchanged, so Leves could easily be Leuews (Lyons).

Joshua Drake, 1776
4th regt, orange county militia in the revolutionary war

Note: the 4th regt was comprised mainly of men from Warwick and Florida. (This is also roughly the area where henry shows up in the 1775 T.A.R.)

Hannah Lyon, born 1760, died 8/10/1839 (Sugarloaf Methodist Church burial)
Rev. Zalmon Lyon born 1804, died 8/26/1839. (Sugarloaf Methodist Church burial)
Hannah J Lyons 1815-1895, married to Wells N. Conklin 1809-1893 (Sugarloaf Methodist Church burial)

Lyon, Rebecca, b. 1758 d. 11/21/1816 (Goodwill Cemetery, Montgomery)


…Still hunting…

Hanover, NJ Church records

I found a Henry Lyon who married a Martha Tompkins in January of 1773, in the “Church members, marriages, and baptisms, at Hanover, Morris Co., N.J., during the pastorate of Rev. Jacob Green, and to the settlement of Rev. Aaron Condit. 1746-1796 (1893)”, found here.

Now, this is not Henry & Martha Drake… BUT… let’s play a hypothetical here where this is them and we have been wrong all this time about Martha’s surname:

– the timing of the marriage is about right (They would have Justus 3 years after the wedding)
– Morris County, NJ would not be THAT far from Orange county to move to start a new family.

Just saying, it seems plausible.

Now, I found something else interesting as well…
on page 23 of that same record, there is a “Martha, daughter of Samuel Drake” who was baptized on December 28, 1760. no connection, but found it interesting. too young by a decade for any connection with our people, though.

Leeuw & Liew & Leewen, oh my!

this is proving to be tougher than I thought. Not able to make any solid connection between Henry of Goshen and these Leeuwe families, who (by the way) can’t seem to agree on a way to spell their name, hehe. Leeuw, Liew, Leuw, Leeuven, Liew, Lieuw, Lyon, Lion, Van Leeuwe, Van Leeuwen… Get it together, people! 🙂

I wanted to post this for future reference, since it appears there may even be two different strains of Leeuwe’s going on on long island to further complicate matters:

Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York
VAN LIEW or LIEUWEN, JAN FREDERICKS, emigrated in 1652, as per his marriage record, from Utrecht, having been probably at one period a resident of Leuwen, a village in Gelderland, on the Waal, in the Netherlands; m. Aeltje Jans dau. of Jan Jansen. On ass. rolls of Brn of 1675, ’76, ’83, and ’93; deacon in the R. D. ch. in 1683; and took the oath of allegiance in Brn in 1687. Issue:–Jan, bp. Dec. 9, 1677; Margriet, bp. Mar. 14, 1680; Abraham, bp. July 9, 1682; Grietje, bp. Apl. 20, 1685; Dina, bp. Mar. 25, 1687; Esje, bp. Nov. 10, 1689; Hendrick, bp. Apl. 30, 1694; and Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 13, 1697–all in the Kings Co. churches. There was a Frederick Van Liew of Ja, L. I., who emigrated from Utrecht and had 9 children, many of whose descendants are to be found in Somerset Co., N. J., and whose s. Hendrick, bp. Oct. 14, 1683, m. 1st, Apl. 18, 1713, Geertje Cortelyou of N. U. (at which place he probably at one period resided), m. 2d Marya (???), and had a s. Jeurien (by 2d w.) bp. Aug. 26, 1721, in N. U.

hmm. Henry & Mary Van Buren?

happened across this… will need to look into it, since if this Henry Lyon is the same Hendrick Leeuw I found earlier, then I may not be correct. Putting it here to keep on hand as evidence and to look into later…

EDIT: it seems I’ve already run into them here. definitely need to figure out who these people are.

Jurrie/Jeremiah Leeuw/Lion, b ca 1721, mrd abt 1744/45, Susanna Cregier, bpt 2 Jun 1725 at the NY DRC, the dau. of Simon Cregier & Antje Van Oort.

Children, as recorded in the NY DRC:

1. 24 Nov 1745: Jurie Leeuw, Susanna Cregier; Hendrik; Abraham Leeuw,
Maria Brouwer, Wed’e v. Jacob Giesen.

He married 15 Jul 1770 NY DRC, Maria Van Buren.

Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued by the secretary
of the province of New York, previous to 1784. Publisher: Weed, Parsons
and company Publication Date: 1860 City: Albany, p 234, 405 [M.B. Vol
16, p 138] “Henry Lion & Mary Van Bury”

[Purple, p 233] “Henry Lion & Mary van Beuren” were married by license
dated 12 Jul.

Children, as recorded in the NY DRC:

i. 1 Jan 1773: Henry Lyon, Mary Van Buren; Susanna; Luke Kierstede, Ann
Lyon, j.d.

ii. 2 Aug 1775: Henry Lion, Mary Van Buuren; Henry; Richard Kip

iii. 12 Dec 1784: Henry Lyon, Mary van Beuren; Michael; no witnesses

iv. 3 Mar 1786: Henry Lyon, Mary Van Beuren; Mary, b. 22 Jan’y 1786; no
witnesses named

v. 2 Nov 1788: Henry Lyon, Mary Van Beuren; Elizabeth Commenor;
Angilbilt Commenor, Elizabeth Commenor

2. 2 Oct 1748: Jurrie Leuw, Susanna Cregier; Annatje; Cornelis Cregier,
Annatje Cregier, h.v.v. Asa King.

Source: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/Dutch-Colonies/2003-07/1058384041

Hendrick Van Leeuwen, where’ve you been hiding?

I was thinking about that 1745 baptism from my last post and thought “you know, Hendrick sounds kind of like Henry – I wonder if someone with that name would just go by Henry”… then I looked up the Van Gieson-Brouwer connection and found Hendrick Van Leeuwen and kept reading.

“Also known as Henry Lion.” “Also known as Henry Lyon”. 




I think we got ourselves a ballgame. 😀

Note: All of the data below comes from this page.

Hendrick Van Leeuwen1

b. between 1690 and 1700, d. before 1732
  • Hendrick Van Leeuwen was possibly born between 1690 and 1700.
  • He married Marytje Abrahamse Brouwer, daughter of Abraham Adamsz Brouwer and CorneliaCaljer, at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, New York, on 4 August 1718; (banns 4 July 1718) “Henry Lyon & Maria Brouwer.”2
  • Hendrick Van Leeuwen died before 1732 ; when his wife is mentioned as a widow.3
  • Also known as Henry Lion.4
  • Also known as Henry Lyon.5

Family: Marytje Abrahamse Brouwer b. 12 Mar 1699

So here is the theory that I will have to research now and see if it holds water…
Hendrick Leeuw (aka Henry Lyon) marries Maria Brouwer in 1718. They have Jurrie Leeuw in 1721, who marries Susanna Cregier on July 4, 1744.

Fun Fact: The brothers Abraham and Jurrie Leeuw married Elizabeth & Susanna Cregier who are sisters.

Anyway, then Jurrie & Susanna have Hendrick in 1745. My theory is that this Hendrick  Leeuw is my Henry Lyon of Orange County. All that I have seen is that Henry Lyon was born in 1750, but no sources as to why that was thought. 1745 is in quite close enough proximity to that to make this the actual birth year.

I am really excited about the potential of this connection. 😀 Now I need to look over the source material that that site references, make sure it is good, and then see what other connections I might be able to make to solidify that theory!